A friend and I are starting a bass project but before we even get started we ran into a problem...the bass we are using is an bc rich ironbird. when i got it it didnt have a vol. pot the ones i have laying are from other guitar projects come up to short most i think were ripped out of a strat style...i tryed searching parts to find one for a bass but i cant seem to find any..are these universal?? would it work if i just ordered a long shaft pot??

btw its a P-bass style so should i go with 250k or 500k??? sorry i never did a bass project beore..
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Pots are pots, guitar, bass, amp, sound desk they're basically the same.

Most people use 250k for bass (and by most people I mean me), if you use 500k it will be brighter and better for slap n pop and stuff like jazz, funk, some forms of metal, 250k is a warmer muddier sound and good for rock, chuggy sorts of metal etc.
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