As you may have heard the Fleabass is getting discontinued. (google it if you don't believe me, although I do believe it's a relatively well know piece of news) I am not really going to buy a bass as of now, but may have a chance to buy one in the future, so, as I really like it's sound and having played it a bit on several occasions, I really like the feel and more importantly the sound of it. I was wondering what is the bass model that is most like it in your opinion (sound, feel of the neck and so on)? Again, I am not going to buy it anyways as of now, so I am not setting a budget or anything like that. Cheers
I believe the flea bass is "loosely" bassed on the Music Man Stingray Fea has played for years. so on a budget look for a used flea bass or one of the MM Sub bass/Sterling ray34
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As said, you just want something stingray-like, so a Musicman Stingray if you can afford one, or something like an OLP 'ray, Ray 34 etc. Vintage do an okay ray copy too. Or an Ibanez ATK which are often likened to Stingrays. You could even look at something like a Sandberg JM4. Really price is a big factor here, the list is pretty big. Rest assured you should be able to find something that'll suit your needs. What about the Modulus Flea?
Personally,after playing one of them and from owning both a musicman stingray and a modulus flea they feel nothing like a musicman. To me it feels more like a Jazz bass to play, the neck is nothing like a musicman, i think you'd be best off with a jazz bass, preferably one with an MM style pickup, so a Sandberg for example would be perfect.
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i read somewhere that sterling by musicman is going to be re-releasing the sub line as their budget 200-300 $ range basses sometime soon. since your looking at a fleabass, im assuming youve got around 300-500 bucks to spend. id wait for one of these, as the orignal sub basses are great, or get a used sterling by musicman ray 34.
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+1 on waiting for Sterling by MM.

I HAVE been sort of interested in one of the Short Scale Fleabasses, myself...
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I've been using the Sterling by MM Sb14 (sterling model) for... 3 or 4 years now. It's a really great bass, and I have never had any problems with it. It's been abused, dropped in the floor several times, etc etc.

Some might think that the basswood body makes it a cheaper instrument. Sure, Basswood is more "sterile" than the alder used in the ray34, but I feel that this is not a issue with the SB14, since the humbucker is so powerful.

All in all, the Sterling by MM basses are great value basses. They are well made, sound great, and the ones I've played felt like bricks (in a good way).

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If you can find one, try the Laguna LB524. It has two MM humbuckers instead of just one, but it has many similarities to the Fleabass and it is a great bass; not simply great for the money.

The Fleabass was Flea's attempt to produce a very good basic instrument that was properly set up right ffrom the factory for an entry-level price. Sadly, he may have been asking too much from the manufacturer, and things didn't work out the way he wanted them to. The design of the instrument is taken from his favorite Stingray and his Modulus, so the Sterling Ray or a used MM SUB would be fine choices; better than the Fleabass in fact.
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