Well I just got the Peavey EXP Sig. Blues.

Peavey did a good job on this guitar I can not find any cons at all with it.

The Spec. you can look up but they left out that it is a carved top.

The Pickups sound very good for stock.

The neck is fast and frets are dressed very nice also has a very low action with no fret buzz.

The guitar is light and very easy to play.

The finish is also very good.

Any how here is a pic and sound clip. I used a computer mic I was wanting to try out so sorry for the sound.

Also I know I sux so please no posting about my playing.

Love that tone, so doomy, you should do some Candlemass covers or something with it
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Well I could not find any tab for Devil seed here is what I got done by ear sofar.

I was not able to record this cover with my Fender Super Champ X2 it's 4am and wife would of killed me. So I made a patch with the Line 6 Pod HD500 it's not perfect.

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