Hey I'm sure theres threads about this but none with my exact question, Im thinking of upgrading from my fender fm212r combo to something else,
My questions are: should it be a tube amp?
(its gonna have to be combo)
What should i look for in an amp?

I play mostly alternative rock and industrial rock
Do you play gigs, or are you planning to?
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I personaly like a tube amp over a ss amp.

Jet City makes some nice amps that are less expensive like the JCA 2112rc 1x12

You also can look at the Bugera V22
Used Peavey VTM 1x12 (JCM 800 clone) are very reasonable $200ish
Peavey classic 30 1x12
Peavey Windsor studio 1x12
Fender blues Jr 1x12

all would do good recording and giging
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yeah go tube
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Then, my answer would be: Yes, it has to be a tube amp. Believe me, it will sound better than what you've heard before.

Tube amps get "louder", so between 30 to 50 watts you'll be more than okay to be heard over a drummer.

Your style (alternative/industrial) you'd be looking for a nice distortion and acceptable clean sound. I would recommend something like a Kustom Defender combo, I have one myself and it has sparkling cleans and good distortion (for full on metal I would put a tubescreamer in front of it).

Other amps you could be thinking about are Peavey Valveking, 6505 combo or a Fender HotRod even (but that has more of a blues sound).
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You may find a JCM900 you can afford. They will do what you want ok, better if you mod them but still quite acceptable for what you want. To convert the 100W'ers to a 50W'er so you can crank some power amp distortion out of them is simply a matter of pulling two tubes and flicking the impedance switch - so either a 4102 or a 4502 will do just fine.
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Check out any of the VHT Special 6 lines. They are easily modded, it's all point to point soldering, and its not crazy loud.