I'm a drummer and have played in a few bands, I remember when I was 13 I did the most RETARDED THING IN THE WORLD which I regret so much right now it's insane. Literally if there was one moment I could undo, it would be that (Basically I was rocking with a friend, and then for like 5 minutes all we did was hit his drum crashes as loud as possible and laughed at how weird it sounded and our ears ringing like crazy... if only I knew. Wait, why don't they educate us about this earlier anyway?!?). I think I did more damage to my ears in that moment than any other, ever.

As a drummer though I did more gradual damage as well. Nowadays I protect my ears like they are the kings of the world though. But I'm far too late... I want to be a musician, and love music more than anything else. I can't imagine losing my hearing later in life.

I found this hearing test today, I encourage everyone to take it and see how they are doing with their hearing. Apparently we are meant to hear the whole thing: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/hearingtest.html

I'm 16 and I could only hear up to 14500 Hz.
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One thing that might damage you ears is THAT TEST!!!!
Damn that hurt my ears!


Don't be scared by an online hearing test.
Go to an audiologist an have a proper clinical test done if you want one.
I get my hearing tested every 6 months and apparently they are fine - I only got up to about 15Khz on that test....
Yeah the test gets pretty annoying if you have it too loud... I'm still freaked by the test though by many people saying they get to like 17000 Hz.

Also, do I already have tinnitus? It's a constant ringing in the ears, right? If I put my fingers in my ears to block outside sounds, I can hear a ringing. And even without my fingers in my ears I can listen close and hear the ringing.
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Don't be scared by an online hearing test.

Yeah, I'd be amazed if whatever speakers you were playing that through had a range bigger than an undamaged pair of ears. We all had hearing tests at uni though and the drummers amongst us all had a much lower cutoff frequncywise. Go get yourself tested properly!
Ive been worried about tinnitus so started wearing earplugs to gigs, cept I forgot them when seeing crashdiet in a small club, decided to move to the side of the crowd to avoid getting blasted by the amps, didnt notice the pa speaker right beside my right ear, bad move.
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Meh, I only got to about 14700 Hz. I guess I'm going to miss out on all those useful sounds above that frequency.
Yeah played in metal bands without ear plugs all through middle school and high school. Have tinnitus, can still hear up to around 18000.
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17, 18 in a few days. I got up to around 16000 or so. But the sound was panning from ear to ear.. Cool... But bad.
most of us here probably have tinnitus, just in very small amounts. i know i have it, but it's not noticeable in the least.
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I got 12,500. Low quality earphones, though, like 7 bucks at walmart.

But I have had some inner ear troubles before--could be either one.

edit: I tried again and turned my volume up after it went silent, and was able to reach 16,000 after that. A true frequency test would have the same results regardless of volume.
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I have no range in 9,500 to 10,000...

15,000 without head phones, and possibly 16,000 to 18,000 with. The 16k-18k is iffy though, as my dorm has this strange ringing regardless, and I may have been interpreting that. But if I was hearing anything about 16k, it was extremely quiet.
A good thing came out of this, I always used ear protection while playing drums, but since I got freaked from this I figured out a new way that is even better. I put on these noise canceling ear buds that block a lot of sound. Then I put on my studio over-ear headphones over those. I used to just use the studio over-ear headphones, which never seemed to block quite enough. Positives :P
16.500 hz with laptop speakers.
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17700 on built in laptop speakers. I'm 33. I have a ringing in my ears at night when i go to sleep.
I could listen up to 20,000
I must be a new evolutionary species of the human race!!!!!
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I'm going to go on record as being against any sort of online testing.

First, I think that any hearing test where you can control the volume is completely irrelevant.

When dealing with a professional audiologist, the levels in the test are tightly controlled, and the equipment should be calibrated periodically.

Second, all these "free tests" for IQ or whatever, are simply engineered to get you to input personal information.

There are types of computer malware designated as "social engineering", which coerce you give up personal information, or install unwanted programs of your computer, or your own free will.

"Be careful what you click for, you just might get it".

As to hearing, in the male, (of our species), high frequency hearing loss is common, even expected, in the late teens and early twenties.

Women are much more sensitive the high frequencies than are men. However, I think men are better at spacial relations, and have better eyesight.

That said, while it may sound terribly sexist, I believe it's so that men are better at hunting, and women can better hear babies cry.

It may not be politically correct to mention it, but a Darwinian explanation has its merits.
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Ill put it like this if you cant hear high frequencies, you are not affected by women bitching.

Fair trade.

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Damned i really must have messed up my hearing XD i lost it after 12.5k-13k
If you were exposed to very loud sounds sometime close to the time you took the test, the loss could be short term.

If you're one of the idiots who ride the public buses everyday with your iPod so loud it's annoying the other passengers 12 rows away, it's probably long term.

A friend of mine took 3 /10- Mig Xanax once (the blue ones), and fell asleep in the bass cabinet of a punk band's PA system. We didn't bother to have his hearing checked afterward though. Didn't see much point to it....