I'm used to writing in less than popular genres, wondering whether this would be appropriate, and I guess the rhythm guitar can get a bit boring here.
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It sounds something that I would hear on an older Avenged Sevenfold album. haha

Except that it's instrumental...
Im not sure bout live material. Theres not a lot for the audience to get involved with. It is still good band material though, I could see it working well on an album or as a recording project first.

Thats just my opinion but its definantly good music. Could use a more exiting accomp though.

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Im not sure bout live material.

Why not live material? If you think it's capable of being band material, it's good live material as well . Ofcourse you need bass player.
As far as live material goes that would be boring to watch and seem very self indulgent. Works on an album, not live.
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if you spice it up a little and add a more energetic section afterwards it would be fine. if you're just going to solo over a clean rhythm section for 3 minutes people will fall asleep.