I want a new delay pedal... I have the MXR CC which I like very much but I think that these 2 pedals can do much more, if you know what I mean : I play indie rock and I'm a shoegazer...
I have an Echo 1 from EHX but there's a loss of sound when the pedal is engaged and tha drive me mad !!!!

So, I need help and advices to choose my new pedal !

Thanks a lot !
Well, I have a DD-7 and it is pretty good, but I also have a TC Electronic Corona Chorus and the pedal design is amazing. If I had to choose just one I would probably say go Flashback delay because of the toneprint feature. Plus there is something very organic sounding about TC's pedals where as my Boss DD-7 sounds a bit too processed IMO. Anyway I am sure others will chime in.
The Flashback is so much better than the Boss it's not even a fair question. Sound quality, features, bypass, the whole package. The Boss is a much older design and it shows.
I 've just received the TC Flashback...
What a great pedal ! Very good sounds !!!!!!
Very different from the MXR Carbon Copy ! Exactly what I wanted for indie, psychedelic and shoegaze music !
Toneprint is funy too !
Good looper too (but my JamMan is doing that job very well...) !

Thanks for your help !
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