I'm planning on making a les paul style body for this, now I want to make it on a 25.5 scale I want to know how big of a blank I need(its going to be make of oak furniture quality plywood) so size is no issue, i just need to know how big of a blank I need to make it on said scale and have it be the same size as a les paul, thanks in advance.
dont use plywood, unless it is going to be a decoration.
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worst case scenario i don't like the way it sounds, I remove everything and buy higher quality blank
Here's a blueprint for an LP style guitar.


The overall body dimensions are 438mm x 330.5mm so your blank needs to be a little bigger than that. 25.5" is a fairly standard scale so you should be fine with that. The scale length only really affects the positioning of the bridge and you should have plenty of room for getting that right.

And don't worry about the plywood. There's plenty of people out there that are more than happy with their ply planks - and I intend to be another one of them.

Please, powers that be, don't let this thread turn into a rant about tonewoods.
actually your's inspired me, i have a huge sheet of oak furniture plywood in my garage in great shape, so i figured why not I've been wanting to do this for a while, a warmoth neck and some hardware and I'm good. and thanks for the BP, also as far as painting for the paint fade on LP's do you think I could lay a base coat and then use an airbrush for the gentle shade from the black to the finish color? and as far as build quality, I have pretty much a full woodworking shop, 2 drill presses 1 belt sander 1 band saw 3 scroll saw 4 miter boxes 1 table saw and 3 circular saws, plus all the hand tools you could want. so I'm pretty set when it comes to equipment.
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Well, I'm flattered. And extremely envious of all your gear.

So far as the ply is concerned, I would say that it would appear that there's different grades of ply and the stuff that (cheap) instruments are made of may be better than the stuff that furniture's made of. However - and without wanting to start a war - I subscribe to the opinion that most of an electric guitar's sound comes from the electronics.

So far as finishing is concerned, I have no clue; I've not done any yet. But there's plenty of people around here that should be able to help.

Best of luck.
you too, tell me how yours goes I'm really interested on seeing how it pans out
you know common sense probably could have told me that. but if you know, what is the across distance of the top part, its slightly smaller than the bottom and it doesn't say by how much on the blueprint
I don't know that measurement off-hand. But sooner or later you're going to need a template to cut to and as long as you get that printed out at the right size the actual measurement won't matter. There's a few to go at here: http://www.best-eurospruce.com/24.html. It seems the "John Catto" plans are well regarded on the MyLesPaul web site, along with the Stewmac one that I linked you to.
One of the benefits of a plywood guitar; it will be dimensionally stable. I don't think that's ever been much of a problem.

Have you considered active pickups? They don't rely on the body as much as passive pickups.

Be aware that their may be voids in the plywood; be prepared to fill the edges and do lots of sanding. You'll also need at least six clamps to laminate the plywood together. Personally, I'd use eight. You can make bearers(Google search that one) out of any 2x4.

..I was watching my death.
i had considered actives. problem being, I'm on a bit of a tight budget right now, I"m still saving up for an amp which I have just a little under half the money for, and I have more clamps than anyone could hope for, I have 3 power sanders and 1 orbital so sanding won't be an issue, and enough filler to make a prostitute say enough.
Guitarheads has an EMG clone thats pretty cheap. I have never used it but there are a few reviews on youtube
2002 PRS CE22
2013 G&L ASAT Deluxe
2009 Epiphone G-400 (SH-4)
Marshall JCM2000 DSL100
Krank 1980 Jr 20watt
Krank Rev 4x12 (eminence V12)
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Morley Bad Horsie 2
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does anyone know the length of a neck from nut to the very base of a 22 fret neck? I have about 18 1/4 inch on my ibanez, but I don't know if there is some form of industry standard with this.
also thanks for the reference that is cheaper than the site I was looking at's passives
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found a handy dandy table on there with exact measurements on neck length, thanks
The only reason i wouldnt use plywood is because it will be hard to get it to look good on the edges especially if you router it. How you plan on finishing/painting it???
I have a large amount of sanders so I can get it pretty smooth, and I was thinking either an oil finish, or brushing on water based lacquer
So you aren't painting it, you're gonna go with the natural wood look?
I"m debating between that, and doing a coat of sunburst orange and then using my airbrush to create the fade-to-black that les pauls have