Im looking to buy some dimarzio PAF 36th anniv humbuckers for my LTD EC-400vf. Ive read enough about the f spaced and regular spaced (gibson style) pickups that im confused. Ive seen some info that modern gibson's use f spaced bridge pickups and reg spaced neck pups.

The pickups in my guitar are the seymour duncan jb/59 that came in it. I measured the poles on the neck pickup and it was 1 15/16 from center to center. (49.2mm)
The bridge was 2 1/32 (51.5mm)

Also my nut width is 42mm.

Any help would be appreciated.
If you do not have a Floyd Rose, you can safely go for the reg spaced one. I don't think it makes a real drastic difference (some tone monster could disagree with me, though).
Gear pics

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