This is really pissing me off. Today when I started practicing, everything just felt right. I could play a fast part I was practicing for some days now perfectly like 3-4 times in a row. Then suddenly, everything's falling apart and a f*ck up every riff. I go back to the fast part and I'm playing it as bad as a week ago. Then I get annoyed, slam my pick on the top off the amp and turn it off.
This happens every so often, sometimes I just keep going like a madman and play the same part slowly over and over again, but either way I get very angry.
Is this normal?
It is normal. The best solution is to simply do something else on the guitar, improvise or write something new or learn a new song and the later get back to the fast part.
Yes, it's normal. You are in essence "burning out". Try practicing something else, or just put it down for a day. I find that taking a break let's everything sink in. It's like working out / exercising. If I did the same exercise every day I would not improve. You need breaks, you need to let things sink in.

Generally my practice goes on a daily basis, but each day is something radically different than the previous. One day may be scales / speed. The next chords. The next arpeggios. Vary things up!

Hope this helps at least a little.
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well gettign angry isnt going to help... but yeah its normal you were proabbaly tired and playing guitar frustrated never makes for good clean playing
The best advice I can give you is to take a break for a day, and if the problem continues then just brush it aside and continue to practice.

Whenever I get pissed off while playing, I channel my rage into something else (practicing aggressive rhythms, aggressive leads, etc). Maybe you can try that out?

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