I'm considering getting a Dean custom 305, but I noticed the pickups were coil tapped. I was wondering, if I ever wanted to change the pickups with, say, DiMarzio pickups, would this make it harder to do so? I've never changed pickups in a guitar before so i'm a complete noob at it. If I did would I still be able to coil tap them? Thanks for any advice in advance.
i wouldnt think so just make sure the new pick ups you get have 4 wires and just replace the wires

be care ful thought if you solder the wrong wires on the wrong place your pick ups might not sound or sound weak if theyve been wired out of phase but then all you have to do is put the wires in the right place
Lucky for you, DiMarzio supplies many wiring diagrams for their pickups. Although I wouldn't make a coil tap my first p/u swap. Try removing and reinstalling a regular pup first, if you don't know how to use a soldering gun, chances are you know someone who does.
All DiMarzio humbuckers are 4-conductor, so you can wire them to be coil-tapped. It's a little more complex to wire yourself but they supply wiring diagrams anyways IMO. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Cheers!
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Thanks, I may bring it to a local guitar shop if its not too expensive. But it doesn't sound like it will be too much harder. Thanks for all the advice.