The signal itself is not particularly complex. You need to run a parallel signal chain, some fuzz and drive blended in slightly with your clean signal. Slight mid-scoop, and boost to bass and treble, but nothing too extreme. Then learn to play that well. You need to play with some conviction to get a tone like that. It's not just effects and EQ's. You need to be able to really dig with your plucking hand. But learn to do it in a controlled and consistent way.
Also, make sure you have new strings on.
some amateur bass players can tend to leave strings on too long but you can really hear he has fresh strings, the treble comes through well. you can really hear the strings slapping the frets.
Set your action low, scoop your mids and add treble, distort it, play fingerstyle and BEAT THE HELL outta those strings. He hits 'em hard like I do. Other than that it's not too hard.
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