Does anyone have any experience with them? It seems kind of too good to be true to be able to get a single coil and humbucker in one pick up. Is there any downsides at all?
Yes it works well when you have the right pickup for the guitar/aplication.

My PRS has Dragon II pickups and all I really ever use live are the HB settings, but I have recorded with the single coil settings, and they sound pretty darn good.
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Like ethan said, it doesn't sound like a true single coil. It takes basically half of the original winding and uses that as your pickup. You won't get that fat spank like a neck pcikup of a strat but it does allow for some cool tones. I've got splits/taps on my PRS and while it'll never be a strat, I do some cool stuff with them.
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I had a Schecter with it but I dismantled it a couple days ago. To me it's an overcomplicated setup that doesn't really sound all that great. I'm not really a tone snob in any other way, but I just cannot stand a split humbucker. It's a great idea on paper, but to me, it falls flat.

A lot of people like it though, it might just be me. I'd suggest going to a store to see if you can try out some guitars with coil taps and see if you like it.
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What you're talking about is coil spliitting. That takes a Humbucker (2 coils) and splits it by cutting out one of the coils, thus, making a single coil pickup.

A coil Tap cuts out half the winds in a single coil making the single coil pickup mellow a bit..
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I've had a similar experience with my new EMG DG-20's. They don't sound just like vintage single coils or like humbuckers, but are very versatile, more versatile than single coils or humbuckers alone and have a unique sound to them.
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They're a nifty little bonus to have. They're not necessarily a true single coil sound, but they emulate it pretty well. It's a good thing to have as an extra. You don't have to use it, of course, but it's nice to have the option. It gives you a bit more tonal diversity.

The downside is that it is, in essence, a humbucker cut in half. I have found split humbuckers on clean settings to be, basically, the same sound as a humbucker but quieter. Distortion gives it a bit more of a twang, but it's not always the most noticeable.
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