Hi everyone, I've just got guitar pro 6 and I've done loads of looking around and checked the manual but there doesn't appear to be any way of putting in the drums as tab, only proper notation. Is this the only way you can do it? Cos with GP5 I found it a lot easier to just put it in as tab and its really annoying. Cheers for any help.
You can't. One of the reasons I switched over to TuxGuitar as my GP5 refused to reinstall.
I know, it sucks big time.
It seems to do loads of other annoying stuff as well like when you use vibrato the note just stays on until you stop it playing, and i've got a chord that slides out downwards and it just doesnt do it in playback
Ah true, especially with the vibrato thing. Everything's been revamped for no reason other than the fact that Arobas can now say they changed something. lol