While I was playing my guitar today my signal randomly faded! Now I know what your thinking its probably some simple problem with the amp just as I did, alas it is not that simple. Strangely the power light was still on so it was obviously not a power issue. I did the obvious trouble shooting such as checking guitar, cables, etc. yet nothing seemed to remedy my misfortune. I even went so far as to check the fuse and power cable, neither were the problem. Then suddenly out of frustration I smacked the top of the amp and it began working, truly an enigma! I went back to playing guitar and once again the signal faded out. There must be some explainable reason as to why this occurred. Please help me UG amp community, you are my only hope!

Oh, by the way I play a Peavey solid state head from some random series in the early 90's with a Peavey Windsor cab