i have fret buzz......really, really bad.
ive tried raising the action. it didnt help.
i really dont wanna **** with the truss rod and idk if that's even the problem.
i'm so desperate because the fret buzz just gets worse and worse.
im even playing with the idea of de-fretting it.
is there anything i can do short of that?
it's a silvertone revolver bass if that helps any...
push down the first fret (on which ever string) and the highest fret (on the same string) and look down to see if the string is touching any fret bars.

On that basis you either gonna need to get the action as high as it can go or mess around with the truss rod.

Alternatively you could hand it over to your local guitar store to have a look at it.
Truss rod is super easy to adjust and might be the root of your problem (if the neck is convex or flat).

Do a similar thing to what RB said to see if the truss needs adjusting-- hold down the first fret and the first one at the body, probably the 15th or so, --now look at the distance between the 6th fret and the strings, There should be just a little bit of space because the neck should be a little bit concave.

Just google a tutorial on adjusting the truss rod, it's not nearly so scary as people make it out to be. You're not going to break your bass or strip out the rod unless you go absolutely nuts, and you're not going to ruin your playability if it's already so terrible.
Yep, the advice you are getting is good. Adjusting the truss rod is just that, an adjustment, it is reversible. To check if it is your problem is easiest with a capo on the first fret. Then hold down the E string on the last fret. The string should have a tiny gap between the 12th fret and the string, no more than say, 0.5mm. the exact amount depends upon the guitar and your taste.

If there is no gap or it is bigger than this it is the truss rod that needs adjusting. If you want to do it yourself look up an internet article for instructions, there are probably articles in the columns of UG at the top of the page. Basically you tighten the truss rod to straighten the neck and loosen it to get more relief. Only adjust 1/4 turn at a time and re-check. 1/4 turn is often enough. It is really simple and a lot less dramatic than de-fretting

If you still lack confidence then take it to a tech but ask if you can watch whilst they do the adjustment, then you will be able to do it yourself next time.

Of course the buzz may be something else but adjusting the truss rod will solve 90% of problems.

Good luck
thanks a ton.
i adjusted the truss rod and now it sounds better than when i first bought it (it's always had a light buzzing on the top 2 frets, but not anymore.)
it was alot easier than i thought it would be, but for some reason my truss rod tightens when you turn it counter clockwise instead of loosening.
i hope i didnt do any damage to the neck while i thought i was loosening it. but was actually tightening it >.>
is it common to have a sort of backwards truss rod like that? also, it's worth mentioning that it is NOT a left handed bass.
either way around, now i know and my bass sounds great so im happy.
thanx again :]
Well done, glad it worked out. You'll gradually get better at this until it is no more difficult than tuning your guitar.