I am having a problem with my acoustic guitar, i play a song in EBEBBE so i have to tune the g string down to b but when i tune it back up to standard it breaks at like almost every time and i do it super gentle. It's not the normal snap either like when you break a string its kinda just pop's. Could this be a problem with my tuners or my guitar or what?
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Depending how you wrap the string around the tuning peg there could be something going on there causing it to catch and break.

What you should try is taking it up a little at a time. Tune it up a little bit, let it sit. Repeat until you are back at standard or until the string breaks, and if it does break then as I said look at how you are wrapping the string at the tuning peg, look at the bring as there could be something there, or invest in some higher gauge strings
if his G string is breaking when tuning back UP to standard he should get a thinner string not a thicker one, no?

If your strings are meant for standard, I also think something sharp could be the cause of this.
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