Hey guys, yall helped with my last song, so I figured I'd post my next project, even though its a different style. This one is inspired by Man Overboard, i was going for a really feel-good vibe with this; happy music, but sad lyrics. And if you want the lyrics, just let me know.

I tried layering a lot of the same vocal line in the chorus to give it a sort of chant sound, but I dont know how that turned out. Also, I kinda goofed up one part at the end, but I think it came out decently for an audacity recording. Just let me know what you think, and Ill look at any song for you. Thanks!

Its in my profile, called March, here: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Mean+Mr+Mustard/music/all/play1091093

EDIT: Updated it, fixed some out of time guitar, fixed the solo, and did the vocals again without so much clipping. Let me know if its better now
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Thanks for the feedback in my thread dude, really appreciate it.

Nice acoustic tone and I love your voice in this song, the vocal melodies really gives the tune some feeling. 1:28ish is awesome. I think that the vocals could do with a better recording to do them justice + some notes are a little off but it kinda works with the song.

Are you keeping it as an acoustic + voice song? I think it would be awesome if some guitars and drums kicked in, it would make the tune really powerful. It's still good as it is though
Hey buddy, thanks for the input in my thread.

The acoustic in this sounds really nice actually, I can't quite understand why the acoustic recording is so good compared to the vocals?

You're right, it's not my style really, but I can appreciate that as far as this style of music goes, you're doing a good job!

Could do with a better vocal recording, I'd say they were too quiet as well. Also the vocal layering could do with some work. I know what sound you were going for but I don't think you quite got it. Having said that, I have no idea how you'd actually go about getting it!
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Cool tune - I thought vox weren't too bad actually a little bit of timing off here and there but only noticable because the song is quite minimal (instument wise - not a bad thing) and I know how hard it is to layer up vox perfectly - I think the lead work that ties with the melody at the end could come up a bit found it a bit of a strain to hear - otherwise all good. well done.
The acoustic guitar sounds really nice, and the chord sequences are cool. I thought the vocals are a little low in the mix though, I think you could do with recording with a better mic too. The melodies are nice in general, pretty catchy, especially the chorus. But I thought at 2:07 it was a bit weak, like, it seems like at that point the vocals should sound real powerful after the build-up, but it came out a bit soft. I'm probably being picky here but I think on the second verse you could vary it all up a bit more, maybe palm mute instead of strumming? Change the vocal melody slightly? Add a high but subtle guitar melody? Something like that would work nicely I think. I thought the vocal harmonies sounded a bit off in the final chorus too, maybe that could do with re-recording.

But yeah, I liked it apart from the few little points I picked out, I think it's important to improve the vocals at 2:07, I think you just need to sing that note before the solo thing with more emotion, with more strain on your voice.

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I like this, but the vocals are kind of low and some parts don't seem in key.

Not bad overall.
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Nice song dude, It just needs some tightening up. Make those vocals louder, they're struggling to cut through the guitars. And the guitar solo needs to come up too. Keep working on your singing and you'll be able to nip those little pitch errors in no time. The song was really cool though, the guitars sound great, and the light and shade works well!

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I totally get the Blink thing you got going on, and it's really sweet. The guitars are actually sounding really tight, I definitely agree on the vocal thing though, you need to throw that up in the mix, I can't really make out what you're singing. There are a few pitching errors in the vocals too, but nothing too drastic to ruin it completely. In terms of structure it's well thought out and fairly standard, so good job there. Also the solo could definitely be cutting through the mix more.

Overall I'd say you have a really solid foundation for a sick song here


Alright, I put the newest version of this song up, so I would appreciate it if I could get some opinions on it. I left the guitars the same, I just changed the vocals a bit.

Im going to be sending this song to the subject of this song haha so I want to make sure that's its acceptable beforehand. Im also sending 10-Second Headstart so if you want to share your views on that, it would be great as well