Hi, I just bought a used Zilla cab used about a week ago and Im I'm trying to install an Eminence Swamp thang and a Governor inside but the old holes made in the cab don't align with the speaker holes , (also there's only 4 holes in the cab and 8 on the eminence) , does that mean I need to drill new ones?? if so , how do I cover up the old holes so I don't loose sound quality???
Oh and also ,hope im not going off topic but is it normal for the eminence governor speaker to have a bit of glue on the front?
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there's 8 holes in the cab and they don't line up at all with any of the holes in the speaker? I would double check by sliding the speaker all the way round to see if the holes line up, if not just drill 3 new ones using one existing hole as a guide, you probably don't need to fill the holes as drill holes will have an extremely minimal effect on sound quality and if anything anything you could put in a hole that size would damage sound quality rather than improve it, but again we're talking tiny tiny changes you would need a very good ear to hear.
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