are ultra-low tunings like Drop A possible on FR bridge guitars? does it require a different guage of strings etc? i only am just getting used to the bridge so i'm not really sure if i should start messing around with the set up so soon before knowing if it's possible or if it requires something different?

Drop A on any standard scale guitar will require an unusually thick string gauge (hence why Drop A and A Standard are usually only done on 7-string or baritone-scale guitars). But thats sthe same on a fixed bridge, vintage vibrato or Floyd; what type of bridge the guitar has doesn't effect how you tune the guitar or what strings you use.

However, bear in mind that the huge strings and odd tension needed for Drop A will mean rebalancing the Floyd and it may limit how far you can dip/pull up on the bridge. Generally, thinner and more common tunings allow the Floyd to move within its full range and the more you deviate the more range you lose. It really depends on how you set the whole thing up.
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Different guage strings are a good idea since the lower tension will make thin ones seem like spaghetti, also you will need to adjust the spring in the back of your guitar until your new strings' tension holds the bridge in the normal position. Its as much of a pain in the ass as it sounds. I dont know of any special set up. Youll also have to adjust the intonation etc but thats pretty standard.
Yeah get a 7 string. My pick (for one with a Floyd) would be the Marc Rizzo Stealth, a C-7 FR, or a something from Ibanez or ESP (can't think of any specific ones right now). I may get the Rizzo myself in a couple months.
If drop A is a tuning you're going to use regularly, consider getting a baritone or a 7.
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I play B standard on a six string with a Floyd Rose, purchasing a seven string guitar isn't necessary.

You'll definitely have to up your string gauge and also get the Floyd set up for the thicker gauge as well as the tuning. I buy standard seven strings sets and ditch the highest string, you should be able to get away fine with it, your local music store can probably set the guitar up for you if you're not familiar with the Floyd and general tinkering. Will cost a small fee, but it's certainly alot better than buying a new guitar.

I had mine set for it the day I bought it.
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You don't have to have a 7. I used to play in drop A on my C-1FR. Its totally possible, however you do need thick strings. I would buy 7 string sets and leave off the high E. Having 4 wound strings on a 6 takes some getting use to, but it does work.

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thanks everyone for your inputs

a 7-string/baritone guitar is out of the question for now as i just bought a new one and i'm still running low on funds for a new amp. i don't need to use drop A regularly but yeah i will need to be playing in that tuning every few weeks or so.

i will probably go ahead and try buying a 7-string pack and ditch the high E, or just buy the thickest set of strings i can find here and give it a go.
Changing tunings that drastically on a single guitar, especially a guitar with a Floyd rose, that often is something you really don't want to do.

Get a used Ibanez or Schecter on Craigslist list for cheap, and keep each set up for whichever tuning.
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yea i think il use my cheaper ibanez for the drop A stuff although i hate the sound of it