ENGL Thunder amp miced up with Shure57 and Sennheiser MD421. Drums made by Toontrack Metalheadz. Nothing fancy going on here, just playing those good old tunes. I never really finished this medley but I'm looking forward to make another one. Enjoy.

The medley contains:

- Mega Man X Opening
- Mega Man 3 Stage Select
- Mega Man X Zero's Theme
- Mega Man X Flame Mammoth's Stage
- Mega Man 3 Sparkman's Stage


Schecter Hellraiser C-1
ENGL Thunder 50 E322
Blackstar HT-50
Framus 2x12 Cab
Yamaha HS50M

Founder of Opeth Fans Group
Good! You got to finish it
I used toontrack metalhead in past, but never managed to use it well...
anyway good mix too
Nothing beats some good old Mega Man. This was awesome! you inspired me to get recording haha.