I recently bought an Ibanez S7420 7-String Guitar.
Which has a Mahogany body and a 3-piece maple neck.

I still have the stock pickups on it. Which are AH17 and AH27 (passive pickups). They're pretty bad.

So I want to get better pickups. I'm looking for a tight crunchy tone. Specially for riffs with that 7-th string. But I also want versatility, I want to be able to get lots of different tones out of it.
Besides that, I'm looking for a nice lead sound for the neck pickup which will catch all the notes in fast passages.
And finally of course a good warm clean tone.

Till now I've found Petrucci's tone amazing. Is that mainly thanks to his custom pickups?
Are the crunchlab and liquifire any good? Are there any better pickups?

Price range: $ 0-100

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his pickups are the shit and something i would put in every single guitar i purchase from now on.

his tone comes mostly from his amps (as with any guitarist) but the pickups give him the tight, responsiveness that we all know and love
First of all, what amp are you running through?

Second, you probably won't be getting a set of pickups for $100. Normally they are that much per pickup unless you go used, but you'll probably still be paying more than $100. For a good set of pups, you'll probably be paying between $200 and $300 for just the pickups, and unless you are installing them yourself, you'll have to pay someone to do that too.

Having said that, the Petrucci set of pups is a great option for what you've described.
Sorry i meant $100 MAX for EACH pickup.

How does the amp I use effect this decision?

For now I'm using a Behringer FX30 its a middle-sized practice amp.
But I'm probably going to get another amp.
Save up for a new amp. Upgrading your pickups with a subpar amp will make almost no difference in sound, trust me, I've made the mistake. Another $200-$400 more and you can have a nice tube amp that will improve your sound by leaps and bounds compared to the ant-sized steps that improving your pickups will give you.

Don't make the same mistake I did and the same mistake a shitload of noobs make all the time. I can play my Les Paul and my girldriend's old Les Paul Special (stock) through my Vengeance, and mine sounds a good deal better than hers, but if I play them both through my MG30, her Vox DA5, or her Peavey Rage 158, the only difference is that my bridge pickup is a little brighter.
You need... a new amp.
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A new amp is in order. As far as pups go I personally like the D Activators they have a killer tight bottom and sound good both rhythm and lead. I have them in a RG with a basswood body and maple neck and they hit almost as hard as my blackouts in my mahogany PRS and the D Activators are a little cleaner.
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I second the Crunch Lab, don't know about the liquifire, but I just put the Crunch Lab in the bridge of my guitar, very tight, very versatile.
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Quote by kalabhavan

Till now I've found Petrucci's tone amazing. Is that mainly thanks to his custom pickups?
Are the crunchlab and liquifire any good? Are there any better pickups?

Price range: $ 0-100


It's mainly due to his 30 grands* worth of rack equipment.

In the greater scheme of things the pickups won't get you any closer, that's like asking if the wheelnuts on a Ferrari are the main reason it's so fast. No point buying pickups yet, a decent amp is your priority - you don't want to be spending money on something that's not really going to benefit you.

*no, I haven't actual worked out how much his rack costs, but I know it's not cheap!
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A lot of people love the Crunch Lab/Liquifire combo. I don't care for the Crunch Lab myself. Check out the D-Sonic as an alternative.

The Liquifire, on the other hand, is a pickup I can get behind.

But... yeah. New amp.
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OK I'll get an amp first.

I have a question about the crunch lab.

The solid bar that it has. What is it for exactly? How does its sound differ than that of the normal pickups? And whats the difference between putting this bar facing the neck or the bridge?