Please check out my blog of my step by step process of building guitars. The wood came from tree's that fell down from our lake house. We are currently working on a third guitar (les paul) right now, but will be delayed in finishing since im in school.


Also, any suggestions to the blog itself or guitars would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to subscribe and/or leave a comment.

They look pretty nice. Seeing those pipe clamps brings back memories of when I made mine
Insomnium, Noumena, Katatonia- My favorite bands

BTW, even Squier Affinities with trems are thinner than real Strats. They just have thinner trem blocks. Maybe retrofit it with a Squier trem and it will all fit.

Doesn't the rounded part above the neck plate interfere w/fret access? I've never seen more wood in that area--usually folks try to minimize wood there for better high fret access. Some Fenders even have weird shaped plates and Ibanezes have them at weird angles so they aren't in the way as much....
jetwash. your exactly right! unfortunately, we found that out they are thinner a little too late =\ and that part doesn't really interfere too bad with soloing up high. I've still got some things to learn about building them, but its def a new hobby of mine! thank yall for your comments!