I recently bought a new classical guitar, having played for about 4 years or so as a student. I played with the strings that the seller had put on it for about a month, and just today I decided to change them to D'Addario normal-tension strings.

The guitar's simply lost its punch, its spark, y'know? I now know that the seller had put hard tension strings on it, combined with the wood's ability to cut through, that gave it the punch that I fell in love with. I can get wider vibrato now, but I don't think it's a good trade off.

Now I'm thinking of getting some D'Addario extra-hard tension strings to see if they would function even better than they did before I put the lower-tension strings on, but I'm simply worried that it might start to screw with the guitar itself... has anybody had experience with this that could answer my question? Thank yewww
Been using D'Addario for years and I must say I didn't have any problems with extra hard tension, unless you think your guitar is too delicate to handle such tension.
However I must say I stuck to hard tension, because I felt that the extra hard strings were too stiff and didn't resonate well, especially after a period of time. This is why I feel hard tension is an optimal choice.
But this is just my opinion, I think that there is nothing wrong if you at least try extra hard tension and make sure if they suit you or not. And after you put them on and if you feel it's not good for you or your guitar, you can still change them.
To clarify, did you put steel strings or nylon strings on your guitar?
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i'd suggest you ask the guitar manufacturer. just like some acoustic guitars are not made to handle medium strings, it's possible that some classicals aren't made to handle extra hards.
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