The Seymour Duncans I ordered to replace my Epi pickups have pickup height screws that are too long, I cant put the pickups back into the body and the stock Epi screws are too thick. Anyone know where to get screws like these? 3-48 width and 1" long, instead of 1 1/4"?
you could try cutting off a quarter inch from the ends
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Buy a pair of wire cutters and use those to trim the screws. Not that hard.
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Buy a pair of wire cutters and use those to trim the screws. Not that hard.

It seems like a lot to go through for just 4 screws. I'd never really need to use it again. I was hoping to just pick up new screws for a couple of bucks at the most.
Dude, you can get a junior hacksaw for £2.

Screw them through the threads in the pickup, cut off the end, and then screw them out again. That way if the saw has slightly damaged the threads at the end of the screw, they will get repaired when you screw them back out of the pickup.