i've recently discovered that my amp has a decent amount of gain when its got the shit cranked out of it. (VHT special 6 ultra)

i currently use my MXR fullbore metal for my sound at bedroom levels and i love it. because my amp has 2 inputs, not foot switchable channels, i intend on using an a/b box for the clean and dirty channels. i'd like to keep my MXR over the clean channel because it needs a super clean platform to get the best tone out of it, otherwise it turns to mud.

i'm looking for an OVERDRIVE (not distortion pedal) to run through my dirty channel that would have the ability to push it into metal territory. to give you an idea of it, the "decent" amount of gain on the amp is just shy of classic rock type of stuff.

price: probably no more than $150 ish? unless its basically a pedal made by the gods of metal
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Well theres a maxon od808, ibanez ts9, digitech badmonkey and boss sd 1, id say theyre the best.
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The maxon od808/Ibanez TS808/Ibanez TS9 is a hell of an overdrive but unfortunately im not familiar with your amp. Do you have a guitar center close by? They will let you try pedals out. My advice would be to grab your amp, head to GC, plug up and see what you think of the tone you get with the tubescreamer.

Maybe someone that knows that amp a little better can chime in tho.
Picking up an EQ pedal might work just as well with your amp in getting metal tones
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i've had an MXR 10-band eq thru it and it helped shape the tone (there is only a 2band eq on the amp) but i haven't tried out a lot of OD's on it.

as amazing as tubescreamers are, they don't have quite enough to push the amp into metal territory. i talked with a guy at my local GC (the first time i've encountered an employee willing to help and knew what he was talking about) and he said that there are very few pedals that can really push any amp into metal territory.

his main suggestion was an OCD, which i intend on trying when i get the chance.

i've gotten past my "gainiac" stage of playing. i'm looking for something that will give me a really nice, tight OD to achieve a similar to the bands i'd listed
try a Digitech CM-2 Hardwire Tube Overdrive. it has a mod switch on it that gives it more gain and should do the trick. even on a clean channel it will give you a metal sound (not modern though).
That's really not an amp to push for the brootalz, if I were you, i'd get a better dist pedal for metulz instead of trying to squeeze more gain out of the tubes. The OKKO Dominator comes to mind.
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That's really not an amp to push for the brootalz, if I were you, i'd get a better dist pedal for metulz instead of trying to squeeze more gain out of the tubes. The OKKO Dominator comes to mind.

the reason i don't want another distortion pedal is because, with the ones i've tried, any amount of dirt in the signal just turns the tone to mud, even with the 10 band eq. and since its a very low wattage amp, there will be natural breakup at relatively low volumes (at least lower than what is necessary for jamming/gigging with others

i have heard good things about the hardwire and will have to give that a shot.

the wylde OD, i remember watching a gear tour with zakk and he said that it is more to be a boost without much alteration in the tone
Most tube screamer type deals will do the job.. its really down on how much you want to spend..
Danelectro CTO-1 Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive. Basically, a cheap Timmy.
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