I want to purchase a pair of guitar covers but I don't really like any of the ones I've seen...

http://www.wdmusic.co.uk/product/HUMBUCKER_PICKUP_COVER_CLOSED_BLACK_PCHB-CL This is the most common one, cheapest too but it's not fixed.

http://www.guitarjonesusa.com/catalog/store.php?crn=238&rn=387&action=show_detail Essentially the first one but can be fixed...

http://www.allparts.com/Humbucking-Pickup-Cover-No-Holes-Ebony-p/pc-0304-0e0.htm Best looking one, looks like an EMG cover which is the look I'm going for but it's expensive for a piece of plastic, colours look a bit off when you enlargen the pictures... can see red stripes

Can you guys recommend anything better? I hope it's the right section..
Thanks for the fast reply, I though it meant the colour... I was wondering why it looked like it had grains and patterns... I guess that one is out unless you saw a plastic one