Hi. i have floyd rose speedloader system installed, but it is useless , since i damaged my 'G' saddle. I tried to search spare saddles worldwide, without result. I wrote @floydrose.com twice, no answer.

Anybody knows where i can get speedloader saddles? new, or used.

Or: is it possible to replace speedloader saddles with FR original (or schaller) saddles without changing baseplate ? Speedloader's baseplate is a little lower than original. (tremolo block mounting area is lower than saddle mounting area).

thanks for help/opinion.

I just acquired a set of saddle replacements from someone who got rid of the guitar and no longer needs them. When I asked the seller how she got them, she said she had to CALL Floyd Rose directly (they won't respond to mail or email). You must be persistent; it will take multiple tries and you need to keep telling them how much you love their products (in other words, kissing ass helps)
jasmentek: thanks exactly how it was .)

it is possible order by mail or call now.

they wrote: "Due to a technical glitch in our incoming inquiry mailbox, some of your questions dating back the past three months have been hidden to us..."

order sent to support -at- floydrose.com , answered by apintl.com support, cost 72.50$ + shipping , if somebody cared :]