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I love your builds and have been following them for awhile. I await the progress of these builds and I am glad you are continuing building guitars. If you don't mind me asking, what was the reason for you not having the passion for building?
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I had wanted to take a long break. But being winter and having absolutely nothing else to do, I just a little bit of motivation.

The passion comes and goes. I am kind of bipolar.

Its funny you say that. I'm the same way. One day I could care less to go into my shop and build, the next day I am so motivated that I work all day without eating or taking any breaks. My main motivation is me being a lefty. I don't have a variety of guitars available to me, especially in the combination of woods I want. Now, I can make anything I want and I have plans for future builds.
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Is there any chance you will still be making these during the summer?

I second this

for one, I miss seeing your perfectly green lawn in the background of all your outdoor pictures

but seriously, looking good as always
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I will be pretty busy during the summer, but i will probably have a few going on.
I too miss my grass. I hate winter here!

A while ago you said you may do a few not-too-specific orders... I hope mine is one of the few going on.
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I mean if its not something too out there, I will make a custom. I just dont want to take on a really hard complicated build.

How about another one like this?
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What's your glue method for veneer tops?

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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can i ask where you purchased the top wood from? I think it looks really awesome on that explorer
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did you design that headstock? i noticed that the one James Hetfield is using in this pic looks a lot like one of your guitars. this may be a stupid question but, is it one of your guitars?
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I've wanted to create an explorer with an HHH setup for a while now. How do you get the pickup holes so perfect?
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