I have a little technique problem I am struggling to diagnose.

Its about picking, and more specifically, palm muted alternate picking on the low E.

I'v put a lot of effort into my picking lately, and its all feeling and sounding smooth and natural. But when playing palm muted on the low E string I can not match the speed I can get on the other strings. In fact I'm struggling to pass 94bpm on that one string. The picking sounds good and even, up and down strokes are both strong and even, but I cant seem to pass this small speed.

Its fine if I do not palm mute, so I guess the problem may lie in there. But the palm mutes do sound good and I'm pretty sure is very close to how it needs to be.

Any tips?
Maybe take note of how your picking changes when you're on the low E (i.e. hand placement). If you can get there on the other strings and un-muted, you've gotta be one tiny change away from making it all come together.

Also, I find it odd that you can pick fast on the low E un-muted than muted. I've personally, always been able to pick about 2x faster and cleaner when muting any string.

Question: Do you anchor your hand to the bridge/a pickup when you pick?
Quote by Minivirus2

Question: Do you anchor your hand to the bridge/a pickup when you pick?

Not really. My fingers stick out. Some times they rub on the high E string a bit when I pick on the low E.

I just had a thought that maybe I'm being to heavy handed when I palm mute, so I'll check that out.
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