Hello everyone,

My name is Aldo and I am a guitar teacher for TakeLessons.com, America's largest full service music lesson provider. We handle everything from booking, scheduling, marketing, and billing so that you can focus on what you do best...teaching!

I just wanted to know if anyone here is a music teacher and gives/has given private lessons before. Since I frequent this site for tabs and chords, what better place to look for other teachers right!?

Since TakeLessons is nation-wide it doesn't matter where you live in the U.S., we can get students for you! You can teach out of your own home studio, or travel to a students a home! We also have a partnership with Best Buy offering lessons in select stores nation-wide and with their help with marketing we are getting a bigger demand for more qualified teachers!

If you have any questions in regards to this position, please feel free to contact me through ultimateguitar.com, this thread, or shoot me an email at abustos@takelessons.com

If you would like to check out our website:

Or if you're interested in applying today!:

Aldo B.
Administrative Assistant
2 things:

1) I'm pretty sure ads aren't allowed..

2) I worked for them til I got my first paycheck. Standard lesson was $60 for an hour. The teacher sees between $8-$15.

Legit place, but you would make more money doing the private lessons if you have the right connections / people.
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Hi Blurry 505,

I am sorry to hear your experience with us was less than stellar. I am curious to find out in which metro you were teaching for us and how long ago that was. I am pretty sure the teacher cut ranges anywhere from 50-60%. Your first paycheck may be low due to the certification fee that was explained at the time of hiring. Please feel free to shoot me an email regarding your time with us. I would appreciate any kind of feedback at all as I would like to make sure all of our teachers have a good experience with TakeLessons.

I was going to lock this, but it's not trolling for students who are going to give them money. It's offering possible employment for some of us to make money. That's one.

Second, with the direction the discussion is taking, I'd like to see where it goes, in terms of either highlighting shoddy business practice, or reconciling some bad decisions made by former area managers.

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^Others have had much better experiences. If you find "business reviews" online, you'll see others who have gripes. 2 things:

1) It's great for new teachers. If you want to "break-in" to the teaching world, this is perfect.
2) Take other reviews with a grain of salt. The only people that take time to post about a business are the ones complaining.

Side note: I have heard from many teachers in my Nashville area that pay is low. It's supplemental income, extra money. This is what I have experienced, and heard, from several teachers. There's no harm in actually trying this process out. But definitely look at other reviews online, and make a decision.
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The world is a fucked up place.


"Oh I'll play the blues for you"
I'm kind of tempted to try this if I'm able to teach over webcam. Assuming I could get through the initial qualification.

At the very least it could help me with qualifications should I want to try to get a TA job here at the University in the future.
I have to admit that I do believe some of the rates are low for our instructors and I wish I had the power to change that. Unfortunately it is an executive decision to set the rates in certain metros and establish a teacher cut as well. We do offer raises based on performance. So if you are indeed an awesome teacher and you are retaining your students for months and months, the teacher cut can go up. We do have a huge reach as far as marketing goes and that is where most of the cut goes for TakeLessons. Even on this site, if you click on one of the banner or ads for music lessons (i know we don't click them because we don't need lessons, haha) the ad will re-direct you to takelessons.com. That's just 1 example of our reach.

I sincerely wish every instructor with us has a wonderful experience and it bums me out when I hear an instructor didn't have a good experience with us. But as teachers we all should know that the music lesson industry is highly lucrative. There are so many things that can affect student sign ups such as the time of the year and the current economical status.

It's tough but I highly recommend it to newer teachers who want to build their resume and get their feet wet.

@pncouttts: unfortunately we do not have a market overseas. We are primarily servicing USA. Hopefully in the future we could expand even further!