I wouldn't recommend either... it may only be a practice amp, but you probably still want to sound good (otherwise you might as well get something like a vox amplug). I'm guessing your budget is around 100-150 USD? Save up another 100 and grab something worth keeping. I heard the VHT Special 6w handwired, all tube amp for about $200 new is pretty good.
O yea, but the VHT won't get you much gain without a boost. If you are looking for high gain, get a modeling amp because you won't get anything great for that little. Peavey Vypyr, Vox Valvetronix, etc.
Edit again: Vht special 6 ultra, for $40 more, will give you an ultra channel or something like that. High gain.
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Thanks for your opinion but I need a moddeling amp. only for practicing and bedroom fun ) And I think with a little money that's the best way .. Vox DA 20 (20 watt, 1 channel, 2x8'' vox special design speakers, 11 models of sound and 11 effects) and Mustang I (20 watt, 1x8'' fender special design speaker, 24 sound models and 12 effects) And you can use Vox DA 20 with 6 batteries )
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