...Start a ****ing band.

Hai there Piggies,

I'm looking to start a band in the UK, I'm fourteen years of aaaaage. So I need people in my own age area, group... thing. I'm a girl, but I dont mind what you are. If you're a sheep you can join as long as you can play. I am looking for a singer (preferably like Gerard Way, although there is no one quite like him), a rhythm geetarist, a lead geetarist and a drummer. I havent been playing long, but I know I pick things up quickly. I'm looking to start an alternative band, my biggest influence being MCR. I love ALL of their albums, so I would love to have a mix of all of them. i want to make original songs, with a few covers in between just for fun. Real life bands only. You can live in Guilford, Surrey, or Liverpool. Massiv e gap between Surrey and Liverpool I know. I would actually love to have a girl lead guitarist, just to prove girls can do it.

I hope to hear from you piggies.
Heya, you should try looking on gumtree, put up an ad and browse through available musicians. Also check out Cherri Bomb, they are an all girl band who are between the ages 13-15. I thought they were ok, just another pop band, until I found out how young they were, then I was very impressed. They also have MCR as their influence.


Good luck with your band!
Hi, I'm a little older than you and live in the US, but if you're interested in having an online band, I'd love to try it out. MCR is okay, I'm more into their Black Parade stuff than their most recent works. I mainly sing, but I know a little guitar (enough to write a few riffs and some songs), some piano, and some ukulele. I also write lyrics. I'm a girl too, so I don't really think I sound like Gerard haha. I have a sort of softer feel, but I can sometimes sound like Hayley Williams/ Katy Perry/ Adele/ Taylor Swift (I know that's a lot of names haha but it's true, I've been told at least).
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I'm into mcr and i live near dudley :L I have a webcam if you want i can try with the online band with you? i've been playing guitar for around 8 months and i picked it up really fast, most of the mcr stuff anyway is just power chords? im also turning 15 in a few days (im a guy)
my names matt
ive been playing guitat for a few years now i live in cornwall but i have cam aswell so if your interested then pm me...i love bands like mcr paramore aswell as much heavier like slipknot and avenged sevenfold so if you plan to go heavier i can also scream oh and im 15.
Hey, I'm 14 (and a guy) and I live in the USofA; from the previous replies, it seem like this has turned into an online band, which I would totally be down with. I could play pretty much anything you're looking for, so, let me know if that'll work.
P.S. You said a sheep could join, but I'm more of a monkey...
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