I wanted to try out an old cable of mine that I'd retired after it had connection problems, so I plugged it into my bass amp, and couldn't get a sound out of it. I shrugged it off, assuming it'd gotten worse over time, and set it aside. I then pulled out one of my recently purchased cables that I'd been using frequently, and plugged it in as well. It also didn't get a sound. I had to move the cable around in the input jack to get it to connect. Wondering if it was the cable, I tried another cable of the same type that I've also been using lately, and the same scenario played out; I had to move it in the input jack to get a sound out of it.

The input jack is loose in comparison to the other jacks on the amp, but it always has been. Still, could this be the problem? Also, would super or hot-gluing it into place fix the problem, or is it more likely an internal problem?
How would I take it out? Do I have to take the entire amp apart?

Also, I guess I wasn't clear on this in the OP, but the input jack is visibly further out from the amp that the other jacks, if that makes sense; that's why I was wondering if I should reglue it.
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