The Pogues/shirked it,
lesson learned and shut-up shop completely,
barked deceit and saliva dripped
safely to my feet.
You eejit - sticking out hot candle wax and
lace skirt tails and bladed putting greens -
devil! Woman on the wire rack leaning
light-layered brushed arched seductively
fiat punto;
waitress' forearm tray of cigarettes
and shorts with the bottle red lips on tired
pale face vulnerable and dreaming;
pick one hundred-and-thousand of the angel
delight and risk missing the sweet.
And let the marble roll the run like you were six or
seven again and having fun, roll underneath the sofa
and run up against the back wall, hand stretching
beneath and old biscuit, a pen, thirty-six pence
in change, a television mag from last month,
a coaster, four socks three matching, two scraps of
paper with doodle notes written on both sides, a hoover
bag and the hand of a surprise woman in silent red.
Either way seductive and blessed and dressed,
full-frontal, in clothing, only in the eyes pubic pupil
dilates and widens in time to the phantom opera outside sadly:
harry/sally, meet cute, die ugly, pro bono,