Thought I'd share a demo, and get your thoughts.


Song is Supermental Beatdown. I recorded it last night after writing it Saturday night at work.

It was a little bit of a departure from some some of my other stuff. But it was one of my most satisfying projects to date, and I felt great creativity within the bounds of its simplicity.

Anyways, lyrics are included with the song, in the "lyrics" link.

Gear was an old "Stratobastard" strat knockoff that I got for my birthday 25 years ago. It's been modded with bridge humbucker, 22 fret wide neck, fixed bridge, and the neck/center single coils wired in series. Amp tone was a Soldano SLO-100 emulated on a Digitech RP500. Recorded on Audacity, drums on Hydrogen.

I'm hoping my band digs it. I'm thinking it might work maybe in the middle set of a gig.