Since I don't have a real comfort zone, I can't travel out of it.

This here took me a week and it's in its most finished form yet.

The solo is awful.

I'd love some help.

Thank you.

I appreciate it.




Might as well add that my inspiration for this boring thing were Envy's Recitation album, Hej Ninja!, And So I Watch You From Afar, any scenecore band ever, power metal and guitar wankery.
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Bar 51-66, the piano... was super! What happened after that I'm not sure of, I guess that's the skramz part.. lol. It was certainly a beautiful piece though, the piano part especially inspired me
I like it, except for bar 67-80.

It just sounds really out of place and awkward.

My favourite part was from 85-the end. That's the best part of the song.
The others have it mostly covered imo. Although I thought Bars 55-67 where the best part of the song. Bars 67-80 just sound completely out of place, especially with the abrupt tempo change. 85 onwards was probably my next favourite part of the song. The first half didn't really have any major issues other than the main acoustic melody seemed to get a little tedious (although bars 33 & 34 where a nice mix up).
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