Hi guys I bought both of these items at guitar center in june of last year and I am looking to sell both. The amp is in pristine condition and so is the guitar. The guitar is Fender American Vintage Hot Rod '62 Stratocaster Electric Guitar and I am looking to get 1150 for it. The Vox amp has only been used 10 times as a practice amp, so it hasn't been in to much. I am looking for 1100 for the Vox amp. Together as a bundle the price would be 2000 + shipping. Also the Fender comes with the original guitar case. Here are some pictures of the amp and guitar.



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actually a better question would be, where are you?
Shipping to Australia from US for both would probably be insane.

I live In the US so I do not know how much the shipping would cost. The Vox amp is around 80 lbs.