I have an Amer. Tele. It is in tobacco burst and has an ashtray bridge, the body seems to be satin or a light glaze not high gloss which is somewhat strange.

The bridge is stamped fender and the backplate does not say fender just a sticker with that weird CE(certified electronics?) symbol. The pickguard is standard glossy white black white, the switch cap is white, and the logo says Fender in silver then "Telecaster"

To me this seems to be an American Standard but It could also be Ash, American Series or something else, any help?

Ps if any one knows how to tell ash from alder that would be great too
Do you have a picture?

You can tell if the body is ash quite easily as it has a very distinctive and heavy grain, whereas alder does not.
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its not an ash body and it's not an American standard. It has the traditional 3 saddle bridge vs the 6 saddle bridge on the American standards.
hmm... what I don't understand is why the headstock has the Standard logo type not the vintage, I was told this was an American Standard but seems to be shaping up as a Highway 1, Is there anyother model it could be? The headstock is the only thing throwing me off.
I pondered that, the neck slot on the body has messy green stamping I can make out a 18009smudge smudge stamp and a Feb 18 200smudge but the neck says Apr 05, 2005 on the heel where the neck plate would go and on the bottom face of the heel it says March 23, 2005.

This doesnt match up to me at all, the body has no serial either, is this enough evidence to get a refund?