Thought id try here before ebay.
Bought this used and it turns out to be IEMI Blacklisted in the UK, so no calls/texts in the UK. Gutted.

So preferably looking for somebody overseas that wants it, or somebody that wants it for parts.

It should work flawlessly outside of the UK, as its only UK sims/providers that are blocked, but it will need unlocking from o2 to use your own sim, which shouldn't be expensive at your local phone shop, or you can get a code online to do it.

It works perfectly, barely a scratch on it, no box, usb cable to charge and a 4gb micro sd. Id recommend getting a proper charger though as it doesn't like charging when its drained from usb.

Make me an offer, I cant stand looking at this expensive alarm clock any more.
Some folk take out contracts just to get cashback/free gifts, to sell the phones, register them lost or stolen and claim the insurance. Gutted you got ripped but eBay's most likely your best bet for a sale!