So I might be playing a solo acoustic show at a community center (All for free, just for a buncha friends and some of their friends lol).
I have a ton of songs (Stuff ranging from Jack Johnson and Five For Fighting, to Nirvana and Alice in Chains, and a couple originals) that I've learned/written that I can choose from (some I need to re-learn haha). I don't know what songs that I'll definately be playing or anything yet. But how do I put a fairly wide variety of covers (with a few originals tossed in) into a setlist without just having it seem like a wicked random collection of songs without any sort of structure?

Start with some upbeat songs, maybe throw in some originals, next play the average medium paced songs and some more originals, end with a bang, if you are called for an encore play a well-known ballad.
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