If that link doesn't work for some reason just go to my profile its the song titled "melodic metal WIP".

Unfortunately the guitar I have is shit, and I think its getting worse and showing in this recording. The sustain is shit, the intonation(yes the guitar was tuned I am pretty sure, its just on some strings the higher notes are always off) and the tone isn't the best.

So disregard the guitar tone.

If anyone has tips on better mixing, please tell me, or just any general thoughts about the song so far.
I think you have some good ideas in this song, reminds me of Trivium's old tunes. Some bass would really fill out the song. Regarding the mix, turn down the gain on the rhythm guitar and track it multiple times, it'll sound much thicker and clearer (hopefully). The lead guitar sounds not bad and the drums are pretty good.

You could also boost the mids in the lead guitars EQ so it cuts through a bit more, especially in the intro...after that it's not too bad. Love the section at 0:50 btw

Keep it up and I think the song will be great when it's finished.

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Thanks for the responses.

I never thought of reducing gain on rhythm guitars to make them more clear haha, I always just wanted more distortion.

I also agree when I finish this song I should learn it better. I just learned it as I was recording each part so it was a little meh and rushed sometimes

Ill make sure to look at your guys songs some time today.