I've found 2 guitars I like on Craigslist.
The first is an RGA121VLF and the second is an S1520FB. Both are prestige models.

The RGA is a little used looking, but still 85% from what I can tell, and has a JB in the bridge and comes with a hardcase, while the S is in flawless condition. I plan on swapping the pups in whichever one I get, so it really doesn't matter that the RGA has a JB.

Both are mahogany bodied with maple necks, the RGA has a maple top and the S has a figured bubinga top.

The RGA has a fixed bridge and the S has a lo-pro edge trem. I don't use trems all that much, but I'm comfortable setting one up and I'm a fan of the tuning stability they provide when blocked off.

I've owned the same S before and it's probably my favorite guitar that I've ever owned.

I hear wonderful things about the RGA too, but I'm looking for a comparative opinion of the two models before I drop the cash on either. Both are the same price. Thanks in advance.
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Get the RGA.

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Alright, any other opinions? And why the RGA over the S?
Rga. Ive never liked the s series. Resonance has always been an issue with the ones I've played and imo arent up to par quality wise with the rg/rga's.
if they're both MIJ it's really up to you. just basically if you prefer a locking trem or a hardtail.
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RGA are going to be a bit better for metal, but they don't have the versatility of the S. Still 2 very good guitar, you should try both and see whith which one your most confortable