Ive been playing guitar for a few weeks now.Im learning by playing tabs.Am i learning the right way?So far i've seen improvement but i still cant play the tabs as fast for it to sound like it.Any advice would be much much appreciated also whenever i play i tend to use my index finger the most without using my other fingers(excluding the thumb)Any exercises that could help me with this prob??
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The best exercises for any player at any skill level are scales.

Learn all of your scales. With this you will learn the building blocks to improv, get faster fingers, get a better sense of rhythm, and learn your fretboard.

If you want to make sure you aren't learning any bad habits, go find an experienced player and ask them to watch you play and give you comments on what you need to work on.

If an experienced player is not immediately available, take a video with a good angle showing your fretting hand and strumming and post it on youtube and go to the technique section of UG and post the video asking for corrections on technique.

You've only been playing for a few weeks though, you're not going to be playing everything up to speed like you should
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ohh might be a dumb questions but what are scales?I know chords.Do u mean the notes on the fretboard?
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Learn some theory (at least scales) . and use your other fingers. even if it's slower use your other fingers
when i first started, i learned from justin sandercoe's site (justinguitar on the internet). he has a "beginner's course" (aka set of videos) where he teaches you chords, to scales, to music theory, finger positioning, rhythm, etc etc. you can try yourself since its all free. One of the best teachers online there is imo.

ps: and yes, scales will work on ALL your fingers if you practice diligently. it might be boring, but so helpful. learn to play with a metronome (justin teaches how to if you're new to it) for full effect
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ohh k i think i get it.So if i were to build a major scale it would wwhwwwh so can u skip it around?like if u were to play the c major scale can u play C on the 6th string D on the 5th string E on the 4th string and so on or do u have to play it all on 1 string?And last question what are chord shapes?I apologize so many questions.
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take. lessons.
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Do not listen to these people, telling you to learn scales and theory. You do not have to learn this until a little while down the road. First off, you will never get, close, to your full potential without formal lessons. For now, learn how to hold your pick properly and transition between different chords. Your thread is titled "play faster" and for that you are going to want to learn how to alternate pick. This is when your pick is moving up, and then down, repeatedly. A good exercise for this is 1-2-3-4 on every string, and then back down. (this is not, really, a scale and you can move to any position you would like ,for exercise.)Other picking techniques are, again, a while down the road.