Hey so I'm applying for a couple music colleges and there's some composition scholarships and bursaries etc etc. I've got three songs, the first is somewhat classical influenced, the second is an 'attempt' at a jazz tune and the third is cinematic music. I'm looking for criticism on the songwriting as well as the recording quality. All of the instruments are samples. I'll let you know right now that I'm probably awful at mixing, but that's why I'm looking for comments and criticism. Be as honest as you'd like, I'm not easily offended, and thanks for the help! I'll try to get back to everyone with comments on your tunes asap!


listened to the cinematic one and liked it, but i got tired of the left hand piano voice that kept playing the minor 3rd in the same pattern. the part with the strings was my favorite - i heard a pirate crew/army preparing for battle/death or something like that.

the jazzy one was pretty cool too, drum solo was unexpected! what instruments do you play anyway? you need to do something about the double bass sound though, the low notes sound quite muddy.
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Thanks glad you liked it, I just play guitar mostly, and yeah the double bass sounds bad to me too but I'm not sure how to fix it, right now I'm just using the default double bass sample in Logic Pro.
Listened to comp2. Chill chords were chill.
Guitar was nice, though it would've been nice to have an established, memorable melody that was repeated later on.
I felt that the double bass didn't have enough presence in the mix, and could've be eq'd to stand out more.
Drum solo was nice, though I felt the fade out was a little bit unnecessary. The two bars immediately after the end of the solo into the piano chords gave a nice sense of familiarity.
Overall, a nice chill, jazzy song that could use a bit of tweaking. Good work

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Wow man good stuff! I listened to #3 and I liked it a lot. Production was good but the piano intro did seem to drag but I feel like in a movie it would fit because you would be watching something a long with it. But the song was great. Felt like someone just killed some dudes loved one and then when the strings picked up he was walking away from the camera going to kick some ass!
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