Here's my list:

1. Agile Valkyrie III HSBF

2. Epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

3. Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Tele Custom

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These three are my primary targets with a price range of $200-300. I'm also considering the Squier Standard Telecaster and Agile Valkyrie III P90s, but they are sort of different.

I am new to electric and I've tried two guitars and got pretty disappointed. First one is a Squier by Fender BulletStrat HSS which is a comfortable guitar with horrible sound. However, I love its thin and smooth neck. Another one is a SX Deimos with EMG Select humbucker pickups. It looks, sounds terrific, but it's too small that doesn't fit me, and it's way too heavy, plus I HATE its thick fat neck.


I have an $80 acoustic and I'm satisfied with it all the time. So I'm looking for something reliable for years of use, and with a fair price of course.

Since I've never touched any of those guitars listed above, I'd be thankful for any comments/ideas. I play blues and classic rock (I'm struggling to learn it actually. So comfort is crucial to me.) Also I want a warm, bright and clear sound, not necessarily a fantastic sound, but better or close to the EMG Select sound.

I personally favor the G-400 and the Squire Vintage Tele because they have super nice reviews (especially the G-400, and it looks awesome too). Agile has good reputation too but I can't tell if it has a better neck/sound or not.

Which one has the best value and smooth neck? Which one should I get?


My Amp: Fender Mustang I (Love it), My buddy's Vox AC15C1 (Sitting right behind me, I have no idea how to tune it because it doesn't have a digital interface. Such a waste with me)

BTW, I have to disagree with the "Crappy guitar sounds good in good amp" theorem. Because, in fact, crappy guitar sounds crappier in nice amps and crappy amp sounds crappier with nice guitars as well.

I'll be grateful for any help, anything! Thanks.
Epiphone G-400 vintage...I have it, and I love it. The neck is starting to warp though. I have only had it for about a year and a half. Sounds great though!
G-400>Valkyrie FACT.
As for the Squier, I haven't tried it out. They get very nice reviews though.
Go try them out and decide for yourself.
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I have something similar to the Epi Sg on musicians friend. its VERY lightweight and lacks a whole bunch of sustain, especially on the higher frets. It also goes out of tune alot, especially on the D and G strings. id go with the squier mod. vintage tele. and as for the Agile, i dont have any experience with them, so i cant comment on that.
Im a fan of the G400 of those. However i do quite like the squire. You really need to play both and decide which you like the feel of better. Always play the guitar you're looking at before buying, and buy the one you played.
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Quote by korbear
My buddy's Vox AC15C1 (Sitting right behind me, I have no idea how to tune it because it doesn't have a digital interface. Such a waste with me)

This made me lose hope of just everything...

The G400 is an ok guitar, I play one occaisionally at my friend's place. Nothing fantastic, just ok IMO.
A higher end Squier strat HSS (classic vibe or vintage modified) might be your best bet. It'll have a similar feeling neck as the bullet but will sound significantly better and be better built overall. HSS strats are some of the most versatile guitars out there and an investment in a decent one could be worth it as they'll cover just about any tone, especially blues and classic rock.
Thanks all for your comments!

@Most_Triumphant: Will it break eventually? (Due to the "SlimTaper™ Design"?) Didn't expect such a pricey guitar have that kind of problem.

@ryandevison: So, are you saying that the Squier mod is built to last longer? What about the sound? The G-400 got brand pickups (Neck Pickup Alnico Classic™ humbucker
Bridge Pickup Alnico Classic Plus™ ).

Unfortunately, I'm stuck in town at this point, so I can't just go ahead to a local shop and try. (I don't think there's one nearby anyway) Plus, I feel sick ordering things online, hated and returned. I wish I can make a good decision this time. I guess for a good sound, can't go wrong with any of these? Which of these has a smooth, thin and yet strong neck? (My SG has a neck which is a pain in my ass.. even though it sounds so good, I can't focus playing because it's painful)

So, any ideas about the neck(s)?
Quote by &baconstrips
This made me lose hope of just everything...HSS strats are some of the most versatile guitars out there and an investment in a decent one could be worth it as they'll cover just about any tone, especially blues and classic rock.

Sorry for your lost hope...

Based on all the comments, I think I can remove G-400 from my list. But how does HSS strats compare to a TELE vintage modified? Because I don't see I'll be into hard rocks any time soon, so I just want a comfortable, reliable and bluesy sounding guitar. Do you think strats are still better choice?

Btw, thanks for your comment! It helps a lot.
Ugh id give alot to have that vox to play on.. id go with any higher end squire over an sg.. but i just dont like sg's.. tele v.s. strat is a personal thing.. both can do pretty much anything.. i just LOVE teles feel.. being the first electric.. so simple and effective and you always know when you hear one
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Looks: G-400
Sound: Squier Tele
Playability: Agile/Squier Tele

I have a Squier Tele, and I tried a few at the store to see if the quality was consistent and it was pretty good, bright sound on bridge, warmer on neck, nice crunch with distortion/overdrive (although I prefer the neck for distortion). I heard the playability of the Agile is good, but the hardware is cheap. G-400 electronics are good, I've played it, wasn't too impressed. I'd pick the Squier Tele, looks good, good playability, hardware isn't as cheap as the Agile, stock pickups are ok but not as good as the G-400, nice sound, especially if you're into the Beatles, that would probably be the cheapest alternative.
Quote by dragonkidkoga
Looks: G-400
Sound: Squier Tele
Playability: Agile/Squier Tele

Dude, it makes sense!

OK, I just made my decision. Since nobody is IMPRESSED with the G-400, and Agile has cheap components, I'll get the Vintage Mod Tele by Squire! As soon as I become a real advanced player, I'll get a better guitar and put this Tele into an upgrade project. (Replacing Pickups .etc)

Actually, I feel like I'm getting much closer to a right guitar. Thanks for all, as well as this amazing forum.