Looks like it might be some sort of epiphone or copy of one, there might be a sticker in one of the F holes to identify it.
Haha, I saw that too, the trem and pickups are interesting. It's probably some old japanese thing, you could ask if there's a label in the f holes, a lot of people don't look there.

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there might be a sticker in one of the F holes to identify it.

beat me to it
my guess is that its a pre-lawsuit ibanez. probably an AS model of sorts, though the trem is throwing me off a little.
that's the crazy old man that swears at me every time i tell him i don't want to trade my les paul/prs/masterbilt/ovation/everything else i've ever put up for sale/ for his bass drum.

He lives out in the middle of nowhere and refuses to meet anyone anywhere. He always has a highly inflated idea of what his stuff is worth. I'd save yourself the headache, he probably thinks he can get a grand for it.
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It looks rather like a Harmony guitar.
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