I've been playing ES-175s, 335s and more for a couple weeks now. I'm still trying to settle on my first electric. I love the sheer warmth these guitars offer (although I'm sure the real Gibsons are much better, rich guitar-snobs need not apply) but I'm new to the electric scene. I would love some information regarding the differences between the ES reissue line models. Yes, I know anyone who goes on musiciansfriend.com can have this spelled out for them, but could someone please differentiate in "layman's terms" or "noob" terms i guess. I've been playing acoustically for five years and have really settled into a folk blues groove. I love how my blues licks sound on these ES guitars and I'm excited to switch to electric blues. But. I'd like to know about some of the technical aspects. Any insight into the differences between models and the corresponding reasons would be appreciated. (keep noob jibes to a minimum please.)
I've played the 333, 335, and 339 models. I'd say the 333 is better suited for punk. The 335 is perfect for blues (I have one and absolutely love it). And the 339 is basically a 335 with an extra acoustic pickup (piezo) on top of the regular alnico V's.
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Es 335! I have the delux flame top model, not only is the guitar beautiful but the cleans are beautiful you can go from a sweet blues to some slash tones (with the right supplies)I absolutely love this guitar I think this would be the best for you
awesome. I was leaning towards the 335. anyone else wanna put in their two cents?
Also: Anyone familiar with the 175? I've heard mixed reviews and would like to hear from somebody with experience on this model specifically.
I have a Epiphone Sheraton (335) and a Ibanez AK85 (175). To my ears, the Sheraton has a more bluesy sound while the Ibby has a cooler jazz tone. Keep in mind, the pups in the Ibanez are weaker than the standard Epiphone pups, so I'm not comparing apples to apples.
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