Hey nice song bud, really digging your vocals. Like the grittiness of it.
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"There's nothing constant in the universe.
All ebb and flow, and every shape that's born,
bears in it's womb, the seeds of change".
Nirvana influenced I'm thinking. Sounds quite good, and I wish I had a bit pf grit in my voice like you do! I'd try using more dynamics as that was just loud all the way through... which is okay, but it would be nice to hear a bit of variety. Nice one though, and thanks for the comment.
I definitely sense an REM/Nirvana influence here. The guitar and vocals sound good besides a few clicks and pops. I liked the flow of the song, nothing seemed out of place, everything fit together well.

I'd agree though, you have to turn down your mix it a bit so it sounds a bit smoother

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