ive been thinking on getting 2 rg350's, one for half step down and the other full step down. i realise i will need to change the strings and pickups but are they able to be dropped without doing work on the springs???
Thats down tuning. Drop tuning is generally just the low string.
Anyhow you will have to adjust tension at the springs.
Strings should be okay for both (daddarrio 9-46 std on most ibbys), although I'd prefer a 10-52 set for both tunings personally.
You don't need to change the pickups... and adjusting the spring tension is just part of having a floating vibrato. You need to do that no matter what tuning you're in, unless you block it.

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okay thanks... yeah i will change the pickups tho...infinty pickups are no where near as good as others.